The future of
our country is
being decided
in schools.
Right now.

Who we are?

We are a non-profit organization with a team of experts that strives to modernize Czech education. We have developed and tested new programs for teachers and school principals that significantly improve children's learning in schools. With our know-how, we strive to enrich and transform the public education system to fulfill our vision: All children learn fully, with joy and equal opportunities, and leave school ready for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

Whatever our schools are like,
that’s what our society will be like.

The Czech school system, however, does not look after its teachers and headteachers, and that is dangerous for all of us.

16 %

Only one in six teachers feels that society appreciates their work.

18 %

Only one in five headteachers actively collaborates with another headteacher. That proportion is the lowest across the EU.

6 000

Right now, the system has at least six thousand teachers too few. 5

50 %

Every second teacher is at direct risk of burnout syndrome.

39 %

2 in 5 advertised headteacher vacancies receive only one applicant (data from 2017/18).


The only obligatory training for headteachers fails to cover the area of improving children‘s learning and only touches lightly upon people management.


In the past 15 years the Minister of Education has changed 13x and schools lack any coherent change-implementation systems.

10 %

The proportion of teaching practice in teaching qualification courses is minimal and this fails to prepare teachers for work in modern schools (the best training schemes abroad involve 20-40 % teaching practice).

What we did and what are we building on?

We have a strong professional organization

From the original initiative within the Depositum Bonum Foundation, we have built an organization with a strong staff and expert background. We were founded in 2016 and today we have around 40 employees, supported by many donors and education experts. In the field of Czech education, we are one of the fastest growing and most agile organizations..

We have created and validated a unique program for future teachers

Our unique leadership course, Lead
Live, with leadership pairs from 42 schools, attended collectively
by more than 17,000 children.

We build the pedagogical leadership of school principals

We have created the Lead Live program, which focuses on the ability of principals to support teachers in improving their teaching (pedagogical leadership).

The benefits of our programs are evidenced by the data

We carefully measure and evaluate the impacts of both of our programs. Therefore, we are not afraid to say that we have created very functional educational models. The results of the graduates are well above the Czech standard and in some respects comparable to the world's best education systems.

Teachers and headteachers hold the keys to change.

Teachers are role models.

Over the course of their careers, a teacher will influence hundreds or thousands of children and young people while a headteacher will influence tens or hundreds of teachers.

Teachers establish the classroom environment, assess learning outcomes and motivate children to learn and to work together.

Headteachers establish the school’s culture and vision and create the conditions necessary for teachers’ growth.

Global studies have shown that where educational improvement is concerned, changes in legislation, technology or curricula alone have far less of an impact than direct work with teachers and headteachers.

About us

We believe that well-prepared and motivated teachers and directors can fully develop the potential of children. That is why we develop and disseminate innovative programs for their preparation and strive for systemic changes in education.

The project is run by the Učitel naživo, z.ú. and the College of International and Public Relations Prague with the support of several other donors and partners.