Course costs

Teach Live training aims to provide as high quality a course as possible, and is currently in an intensive phase of development; this means that the real costs of the training we provide are over CZK 100,000 per student.

The Depositum Bonum Foundation and other financial partners – donors – have decided to support the training course financially at this stage, so that it is accessible to students. As a result, the fees we charge to students are about 10% of the true course costs for each variant.

Students who take the course during this early developing stage gain the opportunity to contribute to the formation of the course and to gain cutting edge training at a subsidised price.

The total fees depend on which variant of the course you take and when you pay; if necessary we can agree to payment in instalments.

We guarantee the course's quality – if you discover at the end of the course that it did nothing for you, we will give you your money back. We believe that our course provides high quality training and is a worthwhile investment in education.